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Saleri Industrial Management Lab: a project in cooperation with the Politecnico of Milano

Dienstag 26 November 2019

During the month of March was launched a project in cooperation with Industrie Saleri Italo spa and two students from Politecnico of Milano. The project involved the Lumezzane plant for the production phases and the one of Provaglio for logistics. The goal? Verify the effectiveness and efficiency of ...

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Saleri: with Staufen into a new era of Lean Transformation

Freitag 15 November 2019

A critical success factor for our company, as defined by Industrie Saleri's Operation Manager, is the rethinking of its own processes, refining them and making them more flexible.For this reason, in July 2019, an ambitious Lean Transformation project was launched, focused on process optimisation, ...

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Continuous Improvement and KPI

Dienstag 10 September 2019

Measurement of the progress Highlighting results and commitment Share data and analysisThese topics are fundamental in order for everyone – within the company – to bring their contribution to the continuous improvement; important concepts that are technically defined as KPI, visual ...

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The Continuous Improvement: a “business style”.
That’s how we put it into practice!

Dienstag 03 September 2019

Quality, customer care, ongoing activity in order to develop abilities to satisfy necessities according to the expectations: these are the key factors that affect the whole Saleri organization, starting from the production processes, appropriating the Continuous Improvement spirit. The ...

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Our Technical Sourcing Manager, Daniele Belcuore, shares his experience #GrowWithSaleri

Dienstag 16 Juli 2019

I’m Daniele Belcuore, Technical Sourcing Manager at Industrie Saleri Italo. I have been working in the Sourcing Department for around two years now, but I started at the company back in 2008 as a mechanical design engineer. My “background” is in mechanical engineering and ...

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