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Policy La chiave del successo
Management system policy. To be competitive on the market in the short and long term and maintain its partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees at the very highest levels, Saleri prioritises values such as flexibility, dynamism and innovation.
With these aims, the company operates in compliance with the operating standards of the Quality, Environment and Safety system, as established by the ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • understanding and meeting customers’ current and future needs.
  • identifying the processes and parameters to be constantly monitored to achieve the objectives set.
  • performing regular audits to identify areas for improving the quality system’s effectiveness.
  • enabling employees to contribute all their skills and inputs, in a climate of cooperation and participation
  • ensuring that all employees are aware of their duties and responsibilities, as part of a production chain that links the supplier to the customer, and of their vital role in maintaining the company’s image and delivering customer satisfaction.
  • preventing rather than detecting nonconformities
  • establishing mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers chosen for their capacity to offer quality products and open, constructive partnerships
  • making decisions based on reliable data, verified by professional methods and techniques.
  • implementing a profound commitment to considering and limiting any harmful effects the business may have on the environment.
  • reducing our products’ harmful impact on the environment and increase their durability.
  • using plants incorporating the latest technologies
  • evolving methods and techniques that allow the regular monitoring of the consumption of natural and energy resources, to ensure their optimal use.
  • constantly monitoring the status of the management systems.

Management commitment. To achieve our ambitious objectives, it is essential to establish full cooperation between the company's management, its employees and its suppliers, maintaining constant relations with the local community and authorities, and involving all parties in a transparent exchange of information and knowledge. Working constantly in compliance with national and international laws and regulations, we are determined to make active, responsible use of our business potential and are highly motivated to improve the already good working conditions of our employees, who increase the human potential value of our enterprise.
The management and entire workforce of Industrie Saleri Italo SpA are profoundly committed to implementing this corporate policy.

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